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Time to take your business to the next level honey. I want to know your ultimate vibe so your visuals can match! This enables us to create a content plan that utilizes our time together and maximizes your personality for your audience!

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Oh my TEAGO! This legendary woman is my absolute spirit guide. From the moment I started chatting with her about where I wanted my brand to go, she was instantly pickin’ up what I was puttin’ down. Quite honestly, Teagan had more of a grasp and understanding of my brand than what I could have ever imagined or put into words - I felt that from the get-go, even before I saw anything she started working on for me. AND. WHEN. I. DID. SEE.... well sweet mother mojitos did she blow my fucking breath away. The branding guide and mock website she showed me for Disco Till Death was outta this world. I am so excited to continue working with Teago on my brand, I wouldn’t bloody trust anyone else! Mentoring QUEEN! THANK YOU TEAGO 🖤⚡️

Hannah - Disco Till Death

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