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The deck is designed for your couple to pick one card at a time. Each card has different questions and prompts that they have to do, ultimately setting you up for an amazing portrait and say goodbye to the whole "what do we do with our hands" for your couple. They've been tried and tested on a variety of couples over years and years to ensure they're perfect and versatile to suit varying personalities and situations.



With you Legendarry Lovers deck at your disposal you can get the stellar shots you'll be proud of without sacrificing your couples experience. Within one prompt your couple will feel comfortable and excited to see where the cards will take them next.



Legendary Lovers eliminates awkward. Getting your photograph taken can be intimidating if you’re not a YouTube sensation or a model: it’s so important that your couple feels comfortable and better yet confident in your hands. The interactive nature of the cards gets your couples out of their own head and enjoying these moments together.

Used my cards at my last two weddings and feck me it made it so much easier to direct and create movement with my shots. I used the monkey talking one and it went down a treat, the slingshot one and the drunk walk home, just to name a few The couples loved it too coz it wasn’t hell awkward or anything.



Been using my cards for my couple and engagement sessions are my COUPLES absolutely love them! I got these guys here to stand back to back and tell each other 5 things they love about each! Can’t wait to keep using them!


Duuuuuuuuude. Just did my first session using Legendary Lovers. I am DECEASED.. game. fucking. changed Thank you times 10,000+



Go through the prompts and visualise how you will guide your couples to capture the prompts as they naturally unfold. The poses were designed to be flexible so you can make them your own and put your own spin on them! Don't feel restricted, you are free to make them your own as you see fit.



A standard couples portrait session only really requires 10-15 prompt cards from your Legendary Lovers deck. I like to have a mixture of fun and intimate prompts throughout. Again visualise your selections and how you want them to look prior to the session.

PRO TIP: Section a handful of the fun prompts to start your couple off with, this will loosen them up and they’ll be more receptive to being  vulnerable with the more intimate cards. It'll also spark confidence in you as their Photographer.


Chances are your couple hasn’t done anything remotely like this before, and when you’re stepping into the unknown it can be exciting but it can also be scary. It’s your job to relax your couple to ensure they’re comfortable. THe cards are a perfect ice breaker.



Prepare your couple for your epic shoot! Explain the prompt cards. Tell them they’re designed with various prompts and actions on each card to make the experience super engaging and fun. They pick one at a time until you're ultimately happy with what you've got or the session is finished!


- 54 Card Deck of Legendary Lovers Prompt Cards with PDF Version

- How to Use Your Deck Instruction Manual

- Prompt with Purpose Guide - Which includes all prompts with photograph examples  Valued at $55

- Candid Connections Guide Valued at $35

- Exclusive access to the Legendary Lovers Facebook group, full of Photographers just like you


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