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Well first of all I'm bloody chuffed to have you here you legend, styled shoots have really given me a platform to showcase what I'm all about and now I want to share all the epic goodness with you fine folk. So let's get this show on the road and delve into the madness and magic of my mind and make it come to life.

so what exactly is included?

⚡️ Multiple concepts! You'll capture not one, not two but FOUR epic styled concepts to add to your portfolio!

⚡️ Stunning setups that pop! Feel free to get your own headshots while you're there - bring a few outfit changes if it tickles ya fancy
⚡️ Make an abundance of reels and BTS content for your socials
⚡️ Learn in a realistic way how I pose and prompt my subjects into candid moments while still flattering them, never be stuck on a shoot wondering what you're going to do next.

⚡️ Intensive workbook, jam-packed with my processes, the email templates I use every day, workflow processes from start to finish, how to brand yourself like a boss, website optimization, attract your ideal clients - I have slaved over this workbook so you get the most value.
⚡️ I will personally go through the work book and we'll do a group Q + A so I can give you additional personalized advice

⚡️ Intimate group numbers so we can really bond, and you get the most out of the day.



Well. it's anything but boring.

I have a habit of going over the top and I want you to be able to get some major drool-worthy content for your feeds while feeding your noggins with a bunch of tips and tricks to help you on your journey. Every workshop is unique and driven by my thirst for creativity and connecting with fellow creatives. You can be at any stage of your journey, even if you just picked up a camera or you're a seasoned veteran. Everyone is bound to take away something positive from the whole experience.

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"how do I know if this workshop is for me?"

⚡️ You want to capture a badass-styled shoot without the stress of planning or organising

⚡️ Learning firsthand how to prompt and pose your subjects into natural candid moments

⚡️ You want to create an amazing client experience and maintain a positive reputation

⚡️ You want to stand out in a saturated market

⚡️ Getting experience with getting lots of variety in a short timeframe to add epic images to your portfolio

⚡️ You want to have a solid understanding of your goals and how to smash them

⚡️ You want realistic advice without the fluff

⚡️Your feed needs a revamp with killer content


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what happens after the workshop?

I edit all the behind the scenes snaps in my signature O'Brien Originals style,  I then deliver all the epic vibes in an online gallery. You get to post all your stunning content captured and implement all the juicy knowledge you've gained from the workshop!


From there you can happy dance at how much fun we had and how awesome you look while I sip a martini to a job well done...


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