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Well first of all I'm bloody chuffed to have you here you legend, styled shoots have really given me a platform to showcase what I'm all about and now I want to share all the epic goodness with you fine folk. So let's get this show on the road and delve into the madness and magic of my mind and make it come to life.

so what exactly is included?

⚡️ Unique stone cottage in Kalamunda for a casual and intimate couples shoot
⚡️ Bridal prep with a gorg real-life couple and stellar array of beauty vendors slaying

⚡️ Locks slayed by Jess Avery 
⚡️ A funky styled set up off site in the Perth hills styled by the queens at Poppy & Posy
⚡️ Florals by the goddess Honeybunch Botanicals
⚡️ Behind the scenes content shot by me for you to use on your socials!
⚡️ Learn in a realistic way how I pose and prompt my couples into candid moments.
⚡️ Pre-shoot bonding session with pizza and group activities that’ll give you the tools to level up your business mindset ✨

what's the vibe?

Well, it's gonna be a whole mood

It's going to be big, bold, and badass. I'm drooling at what I'm visualizing - think Frida Kahlo meets a Barbie hybrid with very romantic rustic vibes. Our real-life couple is enough to make you swoon as is, add an extravagant frock from Through the White Door and a signature almost floor-length bouquet and floral headpiece! The venue has stunning exposed stone walls and a ton of greenery surrounding the property. For golden hour we'll take our drop-dead gorgeous couple off-site to soak up the sundown  rays

this is going to be a luxe modern session

the magic makers

more to be announced


"how do I know if this workshop is for me?"


⚡️ You want to capture a badass styled shoot without the stress of planning or organising

⚡️ You believe in a community over competition and value your industry connections

⚡️ Learning first hand how to prompt and pose couples into natural candid moments

⚡️ Getting experience with getting lots of variety in a short timeframe

⚡️ You want to have a solid understanding of executing a manageable workflow and a healthy work/life balance

⚡️ Capturing killer content for the gram!

⚡️ You dig pizza...


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what happens after the workshop?

I edit all the behind the scenes snaps in my signature O'Brien Originals style,  I then deliver all the epic vibes in an online gallery. You get to post all your stunning content captured and implement all the juicy knowledge you've gained from the workshop!


From there you can happy dance at how much fun we had and how awesome you look while I sip a martini to a job well done...


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Spots are limited, I want this to be valuable and hands on for all who attend! Planning a shoot like this on your own would easily cost well over a thousand doll hairs, I want to make this workshop as cost effective as possible so I'm only charging my normal one on one mentor call fee which is an hour long Skype call BUT instead you get all this awesomeness rolled into one! SO MUCH VALUE AN IT'S TAX DEDUCTABLE - happy dances***