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"GAMECHANGER - I’ve used the Legendary Lovers cards a few times now and I’m bloody HOOKED I tell ya. These cards create such a FUN, relaxed and easy environment to work within. This beautiful coupled laughed their way through the entire session (as did I), raved & raved about the cards (again, so did I) and left the most beautiful review for me hands down one of the funnest sessions I’ve ever done, all thanks to these little sweet baby angel cards. They also then upgraded their gallery, & ordered a top print package booyah. These cards just paid for themselves!"


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Order Legendary Lovers - Orders sent within 7 days


An interactive posing prompts for modern photographers to utilize in weddings and couples sessions to capture candid expressions - gone are the days of "What do I do with my hands"The cards are designed for the couple to pick one card at a time and follow the different questions and movements that'll spark authentic reactions.


As a Photographer, you'll never be stuck for ideas on a shoot again! Legendary Lovers is so powerful, that the prompts are versatile to work for a range of styles and personality types. Transcend your photography work to be more than "pretty pictures" but create an experience that's anchored to a moments worth capturing.There are 54 cards in the pack, and with a standard portrait session only requiring 10-15 prompts you can create a ton of variety.


This includes 2 "WILDCARDS" that you can use for your own personal prompts or proposals. There's a range of fun prompts to get your couples in fits of laughter, and some more intimate prompts that'll envoke all the feels!

Remember to #heylegendarylovers for your chance to be featured.


PRE-SALE - Legendary Lovers: Interactive Posing Prompts

  • I'm confident that you'll find  value in your Legendary Lovers deck that if you're not satisfied with your order, you'll have 30 days to return for a full money back, no questions asked guarantee.

  • - 54 Card Deck of Legendary Lovers Prompt Cards & PDF Version

    - How to Use Your Deck Instruction Manual

    - Prompt with Purpose PDF - All prompts with photograph examples  (Valued at $55)

    - Create Candid Connections Guide PDF (Valued at $35)

    - Exclusive access to the Legendary Lovers Facebook group.

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