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How to be Confident Creatively

People are shocked to realize that I can be very insecure, and I put a lot of pressure on myself, confidence was never something that came naturally to me. I was a people pleaser and took a lot of my worth in how I thought others would perceive me. So creatively I was and still am from time to time very hard on myself and found it impossible to put myself out there online for fear of judgement. Navigating my self-worth professionally took time and training yourself out of patterns of doubt is an ongoing process but so worth it.

I felt I wasn't talented enough, interesting enough, or experienced enough and I wanted to throw in the towel completely, but every little win kept me going and eventually I started seeing those moments of defeat as lessons. I sound like a fucking fortune cookie, but confidence truly starts with being kind to yourself and changing your perception. It sounds cliche and a bit simple but trust me when I say it's a game changer. It's natural as humans we feel good when we achieve so much so that we get an addiction to that positive attention that domino effects into feeling that you're only worth being celebrated, loved, supported when your goals are being achieved. That's not the case, what blocks confidence is fear. Finding out your blocker will help you navigate how to diffuse that thought process and change those limiting beliefs into a something positive: What is holding you back from being confident in yourself and your abilities?

It could be anything for me personally, it's a fear of failure or being judged.

Now I want you to tell yourself why these matters?

Because I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed so I feel I let myself down. When in reality I've tried my best.

How can you be kind to yourself when this fear creeps in? I get very much in my own head so anchoring myself to the journey I've been on so far to get me where I am is a solid grounding force to know I can get through anything. Also seeing every downfall as a lesson and learning curve to be and do better.

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