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Your Wedding Dress is Going to Get Dirty

Before I jump into this, I'm not saying do snow angels in the dirt - or do, you do you boo! But I see brides and their bridal party stress the fuck out sometimes over the dress touching the floor that it adds an element of concern that is ultimately unavoidable. A dirty train is a sign of a wedding well spent!

I think if it's not dirty you haven't gotten wild enough! I recently saw a TikTok of a bride (not mine) expressing how she wished she took more notice of her train during her wedding day and her biggest regret was how dirty it got. Each to their own, but in reality, you're at your love fest, not a photoshoot, you're on your feet all day for the most part. Walking around to mingle with your guests, probably going on location for your portraits, and hopefully making a solid dent on the dance floor til' the early hours of the morning.

Personally, I feel if you're constantly thinking about your dress you're for starters, setting yourself for disappointment but, more importantly, you're not going to be fully immersed in the epic moments as they unfold if you have that pending in the back of your mind. Instead, make a note to your bridal party that if they see an opportunity to fix your dress or train then go forth and make the effort but don't let the whole day be about your attire.

Some cheeky alternatives my brides have opted for is an outfit change for the party aspect of the night so they can let loose and not stress about people stepping on their gown, spilling drinks on themselves, and just the general overall messiness that follows the festivities of getting hitched. For me, I think I'd opt for multiple outfit changes throughout the day and into the night, but I'm extra AF so that's probably not going to be applicable for everyone.

If it's the financial aspect that stresses you out, totally understandable. Opt-in for something that's still boujee AF that you don't mind get's a little dirty. Wouldn't you rather look back on your wedding and just be so stoked with the experience you had than getting hung up on the cleanliness of what you were wearing?

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