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20 Easy and Effective Competitions to Run on Instagram for Your Business to Boom

Giving people an incentive to join your social media fam through competitions is the way to go. There are tons of different ways to effectively use competitions for your business and target your key demographic. Whether your a hair dresser, real estate agent, builder, photographer or baker - basically anyone who's interested in gaining more exposure for their business on social media. Before you establish a competition you NEED to know who your key demographic is - going in blind might get you brand exposure but if they're not the kind of people that are going to convert to sales then it's ultimately a waste of time.

Before we jump into the how, let's establish the 6 different options of prizes that your business can provide which is also going to be relevant to your demographic:

1. Gift Vouchers

This is probably the easiest way to target your people. If you're a make-up artist then beauty products would be a perfect way to attract people who enjoy a bit of glam. If you just want general brand awareness then generic vouchers like Amazon, Harvey Norman, JB Hi Fi etc. are perfect for everyone!

2. Concerts and Sporting Event Tickets

This really works for local events if you're in a service based industry and want to draw in local clientele. You can also get super specific to a demographic that matches your brand, so for a young women clothing brand something like a music festival is great. For families a family pass to a theme park would be more appropriate.

3. Electronics

If your marketing budget can allow for shiny things then by all means go for it! Electronics are good all round prize and can appeal to a variety of different people. If you're a tech business this is a great incentive to attract attention.

4. Partnerships

Teaming up with other brands to combine forces not only takes some of the pressure off but makes for great collabor