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6 Huge Benefits of Instagram Scheduling and How to!

Do you feel like social media takes a backseat while your hustle takes precedence? Fair enough. But what if I told you, that you could focus on still being the driving force of your business, while maintaining an visually striking Instagram feed that's full of content relevant to your company without the struggle?

If you've never heard of scheduling posts or you were aware but just didn't know how then this is exactly for you. Let me show you how easy it is to curate a kickass feed in a matter of minutes. There is a lot of different apps, feel free to use whatever tickles ya fancy, as they're all relatively similar. Today I'll be going through the 'Later'app step-by-step on the desktop and mobile version and exactly how I schedule my posts. You can obviously alter this by your own preferences as you see fit.



STEP ONE: Create an account / Log In to

So obviously first and foremost create yourself an account on the app via iOS or Google Play OR on your desktop at - follow the prompts and link your social media - easy.

STEP TWO: Upload your media

Upload all the photos to your personal Later Media Library. This will create a gallery in which you can select and create posts from. My tip is to have a lot of variety, but don't feel like you need to post it all just because it's there. Remember if it looks or feels out of place it probably doesn't belong on your feed.

STEP THREE: Time to schedule your posts baby!

On desktop just drag your desired photo onto your calendar on the time and day you'd like to post. On mobile device tap the photo followed by "Create Post".

Okay from here you whip up your caption, input your desired hashtags and tag relevant accounts and location. For me personally I change from Auto Publish to Send Notification/Push Notification Publish, I do this so I can double check all posts before sending them into the cyber world. There's no harm in taking that extra precaution, but if you're confident and you don't want notifications just leave the Auto Publish on.

NOTE: Multiple photo's can't be Auto Posted but you can still set up a Notification and manually post - Later will copy your caption so you don't have to retype.

STEP FOUR: Push Notification

So if you're like me and want to take that extra step to proof read before posting you must have the mobile app. When the post is ready to go you'll receive an alert to launch 'Later'

SIDE NOTE: If you run multiple Instagram accounts you MUST be logged in to the account you wish to post to

Now you're on your post, you can paste the caption (Later automatically copies it for you) you can add Geo Location, Tags and additional hashtags here too, proceed to share it to Instagram and viola, you're all done!