Want to know the ins and outs of how I get my couples so comfortable in front of my lens? It starts well and truly before we've even met in person half the time. I've broken down my whole process in an easy to read formula to guide you into creating the most epic experiences for your couples that they'll feel not only comfortable but confident in your abilities and be raving to all their friends and family about how amazing you are.


This guide works perfectly in conjunction with my Legendary Lovers Deck or Couples Prompts with Purpose Guide 

Create Candid Connections Guide

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  • You've seen on your feeds these beautiful laughing candid shots and you're thinking - how do I achieve that with my couples, how do I get them comfortable and confident on the camera. Chances are unless your clients are YouTube stars or professional models they're going to feel awkward with a camera in their face, but there are so many techniques the help them feel at ease and connect candidly.


    These moments don't just happen, if it was that easy everyone would be a Photographer, your job is so much more than framing a shot and clicking a button your job is to break through your couples doubts and build them up into these magic moments. Each couple is different, and each relationship dynamic is going to require you to adapt to changing personalities there's no "one size fits all" technique but you can put some systems in place to ensure you're absolutely prepared for any situation.

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