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Who is Teagan O'Brien? Life Update June 2022

I'm a Photographer, Videographer, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Inventor, Mentor, Daughter, Grand-Daughter, Great Grand-Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend, Friend. Still trying to figure it all the fuck out.

I'm at the most content place, with who I am in my life, with how far I've come creatively and personally. It's still so surreal that I picked up a camera all those years ago, and it's lead me to being in a position where I could truly flourish as an individual.

It would be really easy to list all the big accomplishments and milestones in this time but what I'm most proud of in this journey so far, is all the setbacks, failures and low points I overcame and still continue to navigate. I'm notorious for overcompensating and running myself so thin over so many things, this year has been the biggest wake up call to decompress and realise that one human can't handle this amount of pressure. If I can't give something my all, I physically can't do it (My ADD enters the chat)

It's exhausting and the more I commit to the more my burnout takes it toll. The quick fix would be "take a break" but the reality is if I don't do it, who else will so it becomes this vicious cycle of living day by day forcing inspiration. This month alone my second laptop of this year blacked out, my PC refuses to connect to my monitor, my lymph nodes have both swollen to the size of an avocado. I've been forced to stop and in that process I've realised I need to delegate and reassess my workflow in order to get my spark back.

I love what I create, I love my couples, I love that I have built this brand around who I am and I'm excited to get back to a healthy work/life balance and I'm so grateful for everyone's patience while I get through this chapter.

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