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What is it Like Having a Couples Session With Me?

Well, I'll tell you what it's not.. It's not cheesy or awkward. My couples walk away from sessions with the biggest smiles on their faces feeling more connected and loved up than ever.

My whole goal surpasses just getting "pretty pictures" I get couples connecting and create a story behind each image. That after the session you not only look back on how amazing you look aesthetically but also remember how it made you feel for years and years.

For example, if I pose you like puppets and don't give you any further direction in your head you're thinking "Holyfuck I feel like a potato, I don't know what I'm doing, this is weird, I don't want to play anymore" and then those feelings translate into that image, so when you look back at it sure you'll look hot but it'll still be an awkward reminder, compared to me saying

"Okay you guys are going to hold hands and walk towards me while looking at each other I want you to describe each other in 3 words..."

your partner could then be like "beautiful, amazing, funny" which will put a real and authentic smile on your face, or they could say something totally out of the box and hilarious like "never on time" which will, no doubt make you laugh. Either way even though the goal is for me to capture the reaction, that image is going to anchor you to that moment and those feelings again and again.

I designed my own interactive prompt cards, which enable me to create a fun, personalized session for each couple. There are 54 cards in a deck but you only really need 15-20 for a full session which makes for a ton of variety. Basically, the couple picks a card and has to do whatever is stated, this is a great way to ease into the shoot. There are various levels of intimacy but for the most part, they're just really fun and upbeat prompts. My main objective is to get them to tap into their relationship and reflect on the love they share, while I create a safe space to really let your hair down and let loose while I capture all the good vibes unfolding. If your a Photographer interest in investing in your own deck you can here.

As relaxed and as fun as I make my sessions they are also very powerful and emotive,

all I ask from my couples is to come with an open mind and a carefree attitude so we can create and capture some epic memories. Honestly, nothing gets me more stoked than seeing the contrast of a session from the start where I can clearly see the couples nervous to the end where we're hugging and their smiles are beaming with excitement to see the final gallery. In a nutshell, a couple's sessions with me are engaging, memorable, fun, and well worth the investment.

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