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Top 20 Things I Dig in a Wedding!

1. Fun Vendors

The people you hire for your big day play a crucial part in executing your vision to the standard you want to achieve. I believe in having a vendor team that has a similar vibe or have worked together in the past who endorse each other is a massive bonus. Imagine having this kickass vision and hiring a bunch of strangers to make that come to life in comparison to a team that are all friends that not only share the same goal to make you happy as a client but have a solid line of communication throughout the process. Get recommendations, look at reviews, ask previous brides who their standout vendors were, do your homework!

2. Big Bouquets

Don't make your bouquet an afterthought! The bigger and more badass the better, just remember it's going to be a statement piece in most of your images and video. It also helps with the whole "what do I do with my hands". Feel free to go subtle with bridesmaids and decor but under no circumstance should you ever opt out of a big juicy bouquet.

3. The tunes

Your love story isn't boring so why make the soundtrack to your wedding dull. Dare to be different and have your anthem reflective of you as a couple. If you have a unique song that's special to you as a couple, then utilize it! If you both have a varied taste in music then make your selection diverse. Have your partner choose the processional song while you choose the first dance and take turns in choosing the important aspects so you both have your personalities involved. I have a ton of epic Spotify playlist my couples love for inspo! Listen here.

4. Espresso Martini's

Weddings are long, and while they're over in a flash it can really take it out of you, and your guests. Give everyone a second wind to party the night away. This is a key element to a pumping dancefloor. Start serving these bad boys with dinner and you'll have everyone in an epic mood ready to party the night away,