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Top 20 Things I Dig in a Wedding!

1. Fun Vendors

The people you hire for your big day play a crucial part in executing your vision to the standard you want to achieve. I believe in having a vendor team that has a similar vibe or have worked together in the past who endorse each other is a massive bonus. Imagine having this kickass vision and hiring a bunch of strangers to make that come to life in comparison to a team that are all friends that not only share the same goal to make you happy as a client but have a solid line of communication throughout the process. Get recommendations, look at reviews, ask previous brides who their standout vendors were, do your homework!

2. Big Bouquets

Don't make your bouquet an afterthought! The bigger and more badass the better, just remember it's going to be a statement piece in most of your images and video. It also helps with the whole "what do I do with my hands". Feel free to go subtle with bridesmaids and decor but under no circumstance should you ever opt out of a big juicy bouquet.

3. The tunes

Your love story isn't boring so why make the soundtrack to your wedding dull. Dare to be different and have your anthem reflective of you as a couple. If you have a unique song that's special to you as a couple, then utilize it! If you both have a varied taste in music then make your selection diverse. Have your partner choose the processional song while you choose the first dance and take turns in choosing the important aspects so you both have your personalities involved. I have a ton of epic Spotify playlist my couples love for inspo! Listen here.

4. Espresso Martini's

Weddings are long, and while they're over in a flash it can really take it out of you, and your guests. Give everyone a second wind to party the night away. This is a key element to a pumping dancefloor. Start serving these bad boys with dinner and you'll have everyone in an epic mood ready to party the night away,

5. Speeches Scattered

Who says speeches need to be all at once? Not me. Why not keep it exciting and have your toasts and special ones say lovely things about you throughout the day?! For example during cocktail hour have the parents speeches, before dinner have the bridal party.

6. Neon Signs

Who doesn't love a sexy neon sign? It looks freakin' great in photos and guests love a good selfie with them. You can get amazing custom-made signs that you can utilize long after the "I do's" or stunning readymade signs from eBay or custom made beauties from your local area. Anyone who knows me knows how hyped I get about neon signage. Weird? Probably, but nonetheless, the visual impact it has is insane - not only for your venue space but your photos and video will thank me later. It just gives a lil' something extra, and lucky for you there are some rad manufacturers in Aus that can turn your neon dreams into reality.

7. Food Trucks

Guests can eat as much or as little as they want with much more variety than a sit-down dinner. Coursed style dinners can often leave guests unfulfilled. With the beauty of food trucks or passed appetizers guests can socialize and stay fed throughout the day and have the option of having more variety to choose from. Depending on your venue this will keep costs lower in terms of staffing.

8. Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Chances are your homegirls don't have the exact same body type, hair colour or skin tone so dressing them in attire that's flattering to them individually is going to be more eye-catching in all the right ways! Get creative and give them a colour palette to adhere to. Think warms tones as they are timeless and look banging! Or go completely avant-garde with textures and patterns, peep my Pinterest for some inspo here

9. Non-Gender Based Bridal Parties

What's becoming more popular as I capture more and more weddings is girls in the grooms party and vice versa! I love it, I don't think you should have your best buddies involved purely based on gender.

10. Good Lighting

I love being in nature but there's something intimate about all your favourite people packed into a loft-style venue with big beautiful windows spilling natural light ugh! Or outside rocks too, as long as it's shaded accordingly to be not only flattering so you're not casting awkward shadows across your face but also so you don't cook yourself into a puddle from the heat.

11. Authentic Vows

People can sense if your vows or even speeches are Googled. It comes across inauthentic and defeats the whole point of having this time to express your love. If you're really struggling a good tip is to take a quote that you resonate with and add to it while making it personal.

12. Glamping Tents or AirBnb

To ensure all your guests have a stress free time and can let their hair down have an option for them to get home safely is Glamping tents so nobody has to leave and you can party all through the night. AirBnb can be a stellar option not only for accomodation but also there's a wide range of beautiful properties perfect to hold a reception and tents!

13. Hairpieces

Veils, metal statement headbands, oversized pearl clips, halo crowns. Go crazy! You dont have to have it in all day but it can add an additional element to your visuals and you'll look so damn fire!

14. Non-Traditional Attire

Dare to go bold and different. Step away from the traditional fairytale and opt in for something showstopping! ASOS Bridal has a ton of fashionable options that'll make you look a million bucks without having to break the bank to do so.

FUN FACT: White dresses weren't introduced until the 1800's when Queen Elizabeth doted one on her wedding day, there's a common misconception that it signifys purity but alas when it was first introduced it denoted wealth and power. Prior to Elizabeth brides just wore their "best dress"

15. First Dances that aren't an afterthought

Do it right or not at all is my motto! It doesn't have to be a crazy choreographed number BUT a little effort is required. Think about it, you wouldn't sway side to side while all your friends and family watch normally, so why do it on your wedding day? Make it a visual feast by having something funky to boogie, make it fun not only for your viewers but by investing the effort makes it more enjoyable for you and your partner. Even if you're not coordinated have fun with it or get romantic.

16. Fun arbours

Flowers are always a winner but there are so many rad options out there. Geometric shapes, palm leaves, doors and the best part is it doesn't have to be just for the ceremony! Once the "I do's" are done bring the arbour to the reception for guests to get selfies or as a statement piece for your head table.

17. Lit Dance Floor

I know I've touched on how to get people in the mood to dance (espresso martinis FTW) but let's talk about how to get a pumping dance floor number one is the music and having entertainment who know what they're doing is a massive influence. Whether that's a kickass band or a stellar DJ like Cut A Rug, don't risk leaving the party vibe with someone who has no idea what they're doing.

18. An extravagant exit

Confetti cannons, smoke bombs, sparklers and a cheeky bottle of bubbles to explode and make the visuals look 10/10.

19. Alternatives to Wedding Cake

In my experience, a lot of the time people don't indulge in the cake. Cupcakes and doughnuts are always a hit tho, to save on wastage and sweeten up the night! My all-time fave is a literal cake made of an assortment of cheeses.

20. Doing shit your way!

This is ultimately my basic blueprint to make sure you get the most out of O'Brien Originals but also so you don't get clouded by traditions or what you think you HAVE to do because it's a wedding. This is your special day and you should bloody have the space to celebrate your relationship however you damn well, please. If you want more alternatives or something just isn't quite jiving feel free to holla at me!

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