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Streamlining Epic Wedding Speeches

Streamlining Epic Speeches: Have you ever been to a wedding and the speeches just lack spunk? They just miss the mark, or they are just downright boring or worse yet blatantly inappropriate? Same. Toasts should be something you and your guests look forward too and relished in years after they are said and done. Speeches can be such a powerful component of your day. I get not everybody is great at public speaking and Googles going to tell you the same shit that you will fall into the trap of overused jokes or too structured it becomes a snooze fest! Let's avoid that entirely and make sure they're not only epic for everyone involved on the day but this will also give your videographer pure gold to work with for your film to articulate your story in a way that truly reflects you both!

As a general rule of thumb, the typical order of people who gives speeches is the best man, the maid of honour, and both fathers of the bride and groom, but we're here to break the rules and shake things up. Have whoever you damn well please but in my experience, for loves sake don't have open mic speeches and a free for all where anyone can get up and talk, by this stage everyone’s royally liquored up and the uncle you only see twice a year will get up and ramble for 45 minutes straight about fuck all, and unfortunately I say that from firsthand experience... Anywho how to make sure your speeches are engaging and timeless? Get your speakers to talk about you BOTH as a couple, I'm sure your folks wanna gush about how great you were in little athletics and all your achievements growing up and your bestie has a million embarrassing stories at their disposal but save that stuff individually for your birthdays or other events. A wedding is about the TWO of you so when people go into detail about one half on the couple often, they are isolating not only the partner but half the crowd too.

It often surprises me that majority of the time a lot of guests don't know how the couple met, so what can be funny and heartfelt is your folks point of view when they first met your other half and vice versa, the great qualities you bring out in each other, the best friends account of maybe some embarrassing texts gushing about your significant other or relaying the first date. It gives your guests a real insight to you as a couple in the eyes of people closest to you. Trust me, if you get everyone to stick to the one simple guideline of keeping it relevant to both parties you'll probably be pleasantly surprised what comes to the surface and how different everyone’s accounts are of the two of you. This way it can still be as funny or as heartfelt as your speaker’s desire and keeps everyone engaged and hanging on every word!

General Blueprint for Epic Speeches:

1: Intro - Who they are, their relation to the couple

2: Their take on their relationship in their own words

3: The perception of the relationship when they first met vs. the perception no if it’s changed

4: Funny or romantic story about the COUPLE together

5: Outro – Well wishes, a piece of advice, thank yous