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Must Have Wedding Photos

Don't assume your Photographer knows what you want captured. I shoot with the sole purpose of putting myself in your shoes, which is leans towards the emotional factor more than the editorial aspect. Don't get me wrong you'll still look bloody amazing but my shooting is very fast paced in order to get those important images while you can enjoy.

I recently had a bride, who wasn't a client of mine, vent about her frustrations she didn't have any pictures with her bridal party, and her Photographer pulled her away from the party for solo shots and although the shots were stunning, she felt the Photographer was shooting for their portfolio and social media, rather than her memories. That to me is very tone deaf and there needs to be a solid mix of those boujee AF shots while maintaining the client experience.

These are the basic combinations that I try to make sure are in every gallery give time restraints and outside factors.

Prep Photo

- Flat Lay

- Flowers

- Sentimental Items

- Attire

- Cheers


- Venue/Decor

- Signage

- Arbour

- Guests Arriving

- Bridesmaids Entry

- Groom Reaction

- Bride Entry

- Vows

- Ring Exchange

- Signing Papers

- First Kiss

- Exit

- Post Ceremony Love - The BEST time for candid snaps of guests


- Family Combos

- Wedding Party - everyone

- Grooms Side

- Brides Side

- Individuals

- Couple Portraits


- Stock standard guest images

- Candids

- Decor

- Speeches

- Dances

- Paaaaaarty!

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