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How to Pick Your Wedding Anthem

Picking the right wedding songs can be a daunting task. You want to pick something that reflects your personalities, but also something that will make your guests feel emotional and entertained.

When it comes to picking your wedding songs, there are a few key moments you need to consider. From the song that plays when you're walking down the aisle to exiting the aisle with you and your cute AF lover, to your first dance - there are plenty of options for each moment.

In this article, we will discuss how you can pick your perfect wedding songs for each special moment of your big day. We'll go over what kind of songs work best for each moment.

Your love story is probably filled with events that lead you to make this thing official, there's probably a strong influence of songs surrounding you or even a specific genre. I love it when couples harness their own unique style and let it reflect on their wedding day, I think having tunes that resonate with you will never lose its meaning.

I had a couple, years ago walk down to this beautiful track and when I asked them what it was, they got so shy and said it was the theme song to a video game they both played. I think that's so epic and personal!


First, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create with your song choice. Do you want something romantic? Uplifting? Something that reflects your relationship. Take some time and listen to different songs until you find one that speaks to you and encapsulates how you feel about each other.

Second, consider the length of time it will take for you to walk down the aisle. If it’s a long aisle, make sure you pick a song with enough length, so you have plenty of time to make it all the way down without feeling rushed or uncomfortable.

Finally, remember that this is YOUR special moment! Pick something that makes YOU happy! Bonus points for giving your partner their own banging tune to walk down to as well, maybe something fun and upbeat to get everyone's spirits high and ready to celebrate!

Some songs I have in my personal list for my own wedding - feel free to use there's no gatekeeping in this community.

Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine (Acoustic)

One of my favourite artists, also the lyrics weirdly encapsulate the early days of mine and Reece's relationship. One example of many is

"I know I've got to go. But I might just miss the flight"

*He was working FIFO and we had a brief window to really establish what we were in terms of a relationship before he had to fly out, he did one swing and quit so we could lay a solid foundation.

Not for everyone but one of my couples used this as their wedding song and when I tell you I was sobbing uncontrollably, it's the understatement of the year. If we were to pick this I'd probably have one of my best friends Bella sing it for that extra personal touch.

Lennon Stella - Thank You (Cover)

I made my first little love video of me and Reece to this song and it just pulls on every damn heart string. We won't be having a bridal party just our mums as our Maid of Honour and Best Woman, so we won't need a very long song, my thought process is to start this song from 1:11 is not only perfect for my angel numbers obsession but just has such a beautiful tone to set the mood. And I want to thank you. For giving me the best day of my life. Oh, just to be with you. Is having the best day of my life*

Ughhhh my heart just smiles at the thought of looking at Reece with this playing - I feel sorry for him though I'll probably be ugly Kim K crying like crazy, soz Reece.


Okay, picture this. You've just be announced that you're officially married to your best friend. All your friends and family are fucking pumped, encapsulate that energy with an absolute belter of a track. Some of my personal favourites over the years.

The Presets - My People

Like how bloody fitting is this? You, your people, and a bass that just screams "WE FUCKING DID IT" a perfect mix and probably going into my future wedding anthem.

Earth, Wind, Fire - September

Not only perfect if you're getting hitched in September but it's just a bloody uplifting tune everyone just bops to - young and old any time of year. This is actually mine and my Nanna's song - so again I will be incorporating this especially for her in my future lovefest.

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling

Hear me out. Imagine this, start the song from 1:20 walking with your babe town in toe all smiles down the aisle, everyone holds their confetti at the ready, cheering at your love, you stop at the end of the aisle for another cheeky kiss - when the song hits 1:33 "LETS LIVE IT UP!" boom confetti explosion. Get the fuck outta town - how good! You're welcome.


Picking the perfect first dance song for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your big day. It is a song that will be remembered and cherished by both you and your guests for years to come. To help make this decision easier, here are some tips on how to pick a first dance song that perfectly reflects the love and emotion between you and your partner.

First, think about what kind of music means something special to both of you. Maybe it’s a certain genre or artist that has been part of your relationship since the beginning. Or perhaps there’s a particular song that brings back fond memories of when you first met or said “I love you” for the first time.

Second, consider what kind of mood or atmosphere you want to create for your wedding reception with this special song. Do you want something romantic? Uplifting? Something with a bit more energy?

Finally, if you have polar opposites of taste, get one of you to pick the first dance track and the other the ceremony exit so it's injecting both your personalities into the day.

Let's round out this list with some of my personal faves again.

Roachford - Only to Be With You

Another song I made a little video montage to mine and Reece's relationship, the lyrics are perfect to sum up my feelings too. "I used to live my life just fast and free. And do as I feel. Right down to the bone I was a rollin' stone. Just wanna be free. But now I think it just might be a little more than slightly. Changin' my views. This is a far cry from what I've known. Cause all I know I want only to be with you. Cause through and through, I'm just a freak for you"

Meredith Brooks - Bitch

This is a tune I always thought I'd have as my first dance song, just it's just punchy and funny. There's so many varieties of choreography you could play with.

or implement one of the songs that we don't use for our ceremony into this aspect of our day.

Music is an important part of any wedding. It sets the mood and can make the day even more special. Consider what type of atmosphere you want to create, what kind of music will fit in with your theme and venue, and what songs will mean the most to you and your partner. With these considerations in mind, you'll be sure to find the perfect soundtrack for your dream wedding.

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