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Eloping isn't a Dirty Word - Top 3 Tips for Elopements

Elopements have evolved over the years, that’s not to say I don’t dig a good old fashioned run away in secret to Vegas to get hitched by a Presley impersonator - actually if that’s what you’re into I’m your girl! Gone are the days where eloping meant getting married in secret because of disapproving parents or family politics.

Although the term has loosely come to mean an intimate affair with the essential people of your world present or just the couple. ​Eloping isn’t a dirty word. In fact, elopements strip everything back to the core of what matters which is starting the epic adventure into marriage together. Planning a wedding on your terms, your way, without the pressures of outside influences and financial restrictions.

Some people have mixed reviews about eloping, and there's a lot of common misconceptions surrounding them. For starters eloping doesn't have to be a last-minute spur of the moment thing, there's still a fair bit of planning involved. I've even had some people say they feel eloping is selfish, which again couldn't be further from the truth it's a chance for you to celebrate your love in an intimate way, and that doesn't mean you can't have additional people there it's just a smaller guestlist compared to a big traditional wedding.

Getting hitched with a solid focus on each other doesn’t mean that you don’t have an awesome community of friends and family either!



Elopements are authentic, adventurous, and wildly fun! One of my favourite elopements was Krystal and Jordan’s in Kelowna, Canada. Although they kept it stress-free with just them and their beautiful kids, they have a huge community that they still wanted to feel included, so they had it documented to share with them at a later date. Making that investment made their wedding inclusive while keeping it intimate and laidback. Plus you’ll want to look back on these memories again and again.​ Pro Tip: Your photo and video team can also double as your witnesses.


Pick a place that means something to the both of you or suits you. Are you the adventurous type that’ll hike up a mountain or feel seaside is more your vibe. Heck make a full adventure out of it and travel somewhere new or go back to a favourite holiday destination. There are so many endless possibilities where you can go. ​An abandoned building or shack? ​The Unicorn Bar in Seattle? The top of Cascade Mountain in Banff? Literally anywhere in Iceland because it's just bloody impossible to take a bad photo there, the world is your oyster... well after we can travel again.

Pro Tip: Marriage laws are different all over the world, make sure you have the legalities sorted.


A great way to include everyone while keeping the ceremony intimate is sharing your wedding film and images with all your people. This can be public knowledge​ that you've already eloped​ or keep it a surprise at your “engagement party” that way you still have the opportunity to buzz off everyone’s reactions​ in a more laidback environment so you skip straight to the partying and mingling, and avoids anyone feeling left out.

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