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Don't Make Your Wedding Bouquet an After Thought

Let’s start with the origin of the wedding bouquet, brides didn’t so much care about the aesthetic of florals as they do now, but more so the scent of their bouquets were used to mask their oder. Back in the 15th-century bathing was a rarity and women often would have to bathe after the men of the house in dirty water. Not only was the floral scent used as an old-school means of perfume the smell was thought to ward off evil spirits and in some cases promote good luck and happiness throughout the marriage.

There is a range of traditions and reasonings behind having a bouquet, my favourite is Floriography which basically translates to the “language of flowers“. although it didn’t begin in the Victorian era it did become wildly popular throughout. in a time where flirting openly was considered bad etiquette, conversations with the opposite sex were limited as it was a time that was bad manners. This drove admirers to convey secret messages with flowers to express their love and adoration. Each flower had its own message mostly positive, some negative, and depending on the arrangement and delivery could have the opposite meaning. All the way down to what side the ribbon was tied.

Nowadays couples match the bouquet to the aesthetic of their palette and preferences. Which I dig! What other days can you rock a big bunch of flowers?! So take that to the next level with a badass bouquet! Add sentimental intention by utilizing the flower dictionary of meanings to profess your love the way that’s authentic to you. Primrose for “I can’t live without you” a tulip to denote a “perfect lover” or classic addition of myrtle for a simplistic “love”.

Also having a bouquet to hold saves you from feeling like “what do I do with my hands..” Plus if you are over holding it, you can break up a larger bouquet to use for table arrangements and additional decor at your reception. Flowers are also scientifically proven to boost your mood. You can avoid wastage by drying them out to keep after or press them into a book to keep as an additional memento of your big day.

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