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Choosing the Same Wedding Video & Photo Team Benefits

I've worked with some of the best creatives external to O'Brien Originals but in my experience the flow of your wedding works so much more efficiently with the same team with the same vision.

For example, when you have the same business you're saving time with emails, contracts and general communications going back and forth. You only need to articulate your vision to one team, and they can communicate within house to make sure that becomes a reality without any roadblocks. Sometimes having different vendors can result in a butting of heads, getting in the way of each other's shots, and just a clash of personalities.

By having your images and film done by the same team can also mean exclusive discounts. My amazing team know exactly how I like the flow of the day and our couples experience is paramount so we can come together to make sure every aspect is fun and upbeat while still capturing everything to produce the most professional content.

Sometimes I'll need to herd the relevant parties whether it be the bride, groom or guests and hype them up for epic candid shots, then in the background I'll have my Associate Photographer and Videographer getting all that juicy content. This ensures everyone feels super engaged in the day as it is naturally unfolding without the need to constantly have a camera in their face.

Being a part of the same team also eliminates any miscommunications between vendors ensuring that your love fest visuals are amazing and there's no hiccups. I think picking the style and personality that matches your own is paramount too! O'Brien Originals might not be the team for you, and I actually encourage couples to not be blasé in finding the appropriate people that reflect their niche and vibe. We're so spoilt for vendors in West Aus especially so take the time in finding who's gonna mesh with you and your guests.

In saying that, being spoilt for choice can also be somewhat overwhelming but follow your instincts, get vendor referrals, go through their past works and actually have a conversation with what it is you're trying to achieve and what's most important to you to look back on. Overall, the right team should feel natural and not forced.

In summary choosing the same wedding video & photo team for your special day can be a great way to ensure that your memories are captured in the best possible way. It is important to find a team that you can trust and rely on to capture all of the precious moments throughout the day. Having the same team also helps to create a cohesive look for your wedding photos and videos, as they will be familiar with each other's style and aesthetic. Additionally, by choosing the same team, you can save time and money as they will already be familiar with your needs and requirements. This will help make sure that everything runs smoothly on your big day!

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