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6 Tips for Summer Weddings

Citronella Candles:

Keep the bugs away and keep your atmosphere vibes in full swing with candles. There are a million different designs that you can get one to match your palette and decor or get a bunch of tealight candles and have them scattered.

Misting Stations:

Great way to cool down your guests is little spritz bottles filled with some good ol' h20 and add a splash of your favourite essential oil to add a touch of TLC.

Provide sunscreen, parasols, paper fans:

The deep Aussie heat can be relentless so taking the extra care to ensure your guests are staying sun smart and as cool as possible.

Shaded Areas:

Consider the time of day you're getting hitched if it's outdoors and smack bang in the middle of the day in the scorching heat of summer there's a large chance guests are going to feel the heat so just making sure there are some areas they can lounge and relax to escape the rays is paramount.

Frozen Treats:

These are a massive hit at wedding whether its frozen cocktail or desserts they're a sure-fire winner.

Dress Accordingly: Make sure you've let your guests know the time of year and to dress appropriately for the weather, this goes for the couple and the bridal party. Avoid tweed suits at all costs or you run the risk of your Groom passing out from heatstroke mid-ceremony.

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