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Every love story I've captured is unique and rad, here's a handful of legendary lovers that went against tradition and created a wedding that embodied their relationship, style and taste! Fully living up to the O'Brien Originals motto by doing shit your way!

Hayley & Kyle


When your friends get hitched and not only do you get to film the surprise proposal but their wedding too! It's hard not get goosebumps over these lovebirds


These two epicly combined customs from their herritage with a modern non-traditional vibe.These Aussies eloped with just immediate family in a freaking castle in the middle of Scotland, can they get any cooler?!

Megan & Marcus

These cheeky devils surprised all their loved ones at their engagement party with a wedding. It was theatrical, fabulous and full of wow, just like Mandy... Held at the epic Gin Parlour at Miami Marketta, these two had their first look where they hard their first date at The Lamb Shop, I still have all the heart eyes.

Mandy & Murph


Cass & Mark


A shoot full of badass energy, in one of the best bars in BrisVegas Hellbound! It doesn't get much better than booze, beards, babes and some epic banter throughout...

edgy non traditional couple grafiti steen jones art

Carolyn & John


These dreamboats have been married for a while now and wanted to updated the family photos to include the fur babies and it was pure fire....

Krystal & Jordan


These two are the epitome of doing things their way. Secretly eloping in style surrounded by the magic of Kelowna, Canada. Hear their epic love story through their own words....

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