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we wanna book!

now what....

Well first of all I'm bloody chuffed to have you here you legend, time to capture you in all your glory and you might be thinking "fuck, fuck, fuck... I'm so awkward, this photo thing sounds hectic" but let me put your mind at ease and get you excited because if there's one thing I know how to do it's have a damn good time.

I'm ready


I'm based in Shoalwater, Rockingham and I have stunning locations to shoot from here whether it's the beach or an open field I have you covered. Home sessions or events are also an option, we can work together to create a session that reflects you. 

what do we wear?

dress to impress honey!

Look, I'm all for a sequined number and a statement print but if the thought of coordinating something "extra" is too much or just doesn't feel you then stick to your neutrals and warmer tones. They're timeless and won't feel outdated in ten years time.  Avoid logos and matching outfits, gone of the days of everyone in white shirts and blue jeans... I have an array of stunning pieces in my client wardrobe that you can borrow at no additional cost. Most items can double as maternity wear due to the flowy and oversized fit that looks so great in galleries as it's flattering on all body shapes and sizes!

contact me for sizes & availability on pieces 

What can we expect?

how do we make the most of our time with you?

coming soon


Teago, we are so awkward



Mate, everyone feels like a potato on camera unless you're some young YouTuber or you've graced the pages of Vogue you're bound to feel being in front of a lens a foreign experience. That's why I'm here though, I take the awkward out of getting your photos taken so you look and feel as candid and natural as humanly possible. How? Well for starters I don't just click a button and tell you to say cheese, that's lame as fuck. I get to know you throughout the session, I adapt to your personalities, I poke fun, we have banter and I'll prompt you into positions that will invoke real laughter and genuine connection. And if all else falls, beers!


what happens after a session?

I edit your snaps in my signature O'Brien Originals style,  I then deliver your epic online gallery on average one week after we've shot. From there you can happy dance at how much fun we had and how awesome you look while I sip a martini to a job well done...


Get your memories off your screens!

Stunning albums to really celebrate your memories for generations to come!  Our traditional Kodak photographic album is hand constructed using Italian bookbinding machines and techniques.  A timeless keepsake that you'll cherish for a lifetime, and my personal favourite way to encapsulate your gallery.

Designed in-studio personally, I will showcase your favourite images in all their glory, which will have you swooning over every page. 

starting at $444
premium fine art prints

Order these sexy, timeless prints directly from your personalised online gallery, in a ton of shapes and sizes you can order all your forever favourites.

from $3
luxury wall art

My dad always said any art in your home should make you smile and I can't think of anything better than your favourite snaps proudly hung on luxury materials that'll envoke happiness whenever you catch a glimpse.

from $127
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