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Featured Couples

Every love story I've captured is unique and rad, here's a handful of legendary lovers that went against tradition and created a wedding that embodied their relationship, style, and taste! Fully living up to the O'Brien Originals motto by doing shit your way!

Did they just step out of the most perfect fairytale of all time? Nope, just a pair of legends frolicking in Kalamunda. Stunning frock from Through the White Door, which had detachable sleeves, yes you heard me right! Making for some fun variety in the moody overcast vibes. 

obrienoriginals_KCWS_2 (68 of 106).jpg

Hayley and Kyle

Feld and co. | Perth wedding

You know it’s gonna be a good wedding when the celebrant secretly gets everyone on board for a cheeky karaoke session mid-ceremony.
This what happens when you hire an all-star team of vendors and fill your day with amazing people, pizza, poppin’ bottles, and two humans perfect for each other.

Imogen and ray

This shoot as born from a love of my hometown of Fremantle, Western Australia with its funky, urban architecture mixed in with some non-traditional wedding vibes I'm all about! I mean you can't go wrong with two babes looking like absolute smoke shows!

obrienoriginals_kcw (19 of 216).jpg

sea loft apartments } fremantle

The first-ever Killer Content Workshop was conducted in one of my fave places, which also doubles as my birthplace so I've had a connection to Freo forever. Add a couple of deadset tens and a bunch of creatively hunger photographers with an all-star team of vendors and you got a shoot too spicy it has to be seen to be believed.

Hellbound Bar Brisbane 

This styled wedding has all the elements I love in a modern non-traditional, wholeheartedly doing shit your way! Set in their own home and the epic bar that is Hellbound on Brunswick Street, New Farm this elopement shindig just oozes badass

Modern Brisbane Bar Wedding.jpg

Gin Parlour | Gold Coast wedding

These two are the epitome of what O'Brien Originals is all about: Plan a wedding however the hell you damn well please! For starters, they made the whole wedding a surprise for all their friends and family who thought they were attending their engagement party - next minute, a fake wall opens to reveal a very dapper Murph standing at the end of the aisle as a red carpet rolled out. It was so theatrical and totally oozed Mandy's background in show biz!

A shoot that encapsulates everything non-traditional and alternative that I love to capture in an elopement. Not to mention the smokeshow couple muse Grace and Paul having the time of our lives throughout the streets full of banter and badassery.



I fucking love colour, I just love it. Jeorja's epic, colourful styling matched her sunshine personality. Jeroja and Steve are the epitome of a deadset power couple and a half I could've easily lived in their wedding like Groundhog Day.

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