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I'm Teago

My community was born from not only my triumphs but also my mistakes. I'm lifting the pretensions facade that this industry can sometimes have and giving you a front row seat to the chaos. I'm not your polished, glossy, stock-standard creative. I'm not afraid to push buttons or boundaries...

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embrace the chaos


Owner and creator of O'Brien Originals a studio fueled by lively visuals for laidback legends! In 6+ years in the industry I've captured lovers and landscapes all over the world, created the successful posing prompt card deck Legendary Lovers that's sold worldwide and had a damn good time doing it!

I swear like a sailor, drink like a fish and try to make everyone around me feel like fucking sunshine and this community has no exceptions! I'm a massive believer in paving your own way in the industry, and now inspiring others to get creative without all the fluff and bulsh*t, with education that ultimately making you more confident in your craft.


In the early days of my career, I felt a lot of industry professionals were gatekeeping tools for other creatives to thrive. I was too scared to ask questions for fear of judgement. I felt like I was on the outskirts of an exclusive club. It was daunting and at times, and I thought my passion was just going to be a pipe-dream. Despite being deeply in the "imposter syndrome" mindset, I kept going, and I'm so fucking glad I did. By paving my own way through constantly trying new things, failing, trying something else I was able to navigate my way to a 6 figure business full of epic clients and lifelong friendships with other creatives.


⚡ Month-to-month access of an ever-growing database of killer educational videos without the fluff and BS. Just jam-packed full of value from photography, videography, branding like a boss, getting social media savvy, nailing your client experience, creating an epic portfolio, posing to maximize enjoyment + so freaking much more!

⚡ A deep dive into my personal process for weddings, elopements and lifestyle shoots like branding, families, maternity photography + videography.

⚡ Bi-Monthly Styled-Shoots. See behind the scenes, up close and personal like never before.

⚡ Special guest interviews from some of the most amazing folks in the creative industry to get you feeling inspired and feel fully empowered

⚡ An abundance of fun workbooks, guides to get those creative juices flowing, email templates that actually convert into sales and caption prompts updated monthly!



Scarborough, WA 6019



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