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Imogen and Ray

the heart of Fremantle, wa

During the chaos of COVID-19 and luckily with the low numbers and restrictions easing in Western Australia what better time than now to connect with some powerful women within the wedding industry and let us celebrate love!


I am obsessed with couples doing things their way and love creating inspiration for modern-day lovers to break the rules. The concept really stemmed from wanting to throw some Vegas vibes in the industrial roots of my hometown of Fremantle, Western Australia. I wanted to keep it urban with a relaxed, contemporary edge with a badass bouquet dripping in orchids and blush pink florals teamed with a glitzy sequin number for Imogen and Raymond looking dapper as hell in a classic black suit.


The highlight of the shoot was when all vendors were in preps with the couple and we were all just bouncing off each other with such an upbeat and excited energy, it’s been a hot minute since weddings and shoots have been permitted so getting a bunch of passionate folk on board and doing what they love has been long overdue! The pink-haired firecracker and hair queen, Jess Avery enhanced Imogen’s natural curls perfectly and Sharnah Artistry the goddess with a make-up brush created a romantic look to mirror the epic florals arranged by Honeybunch Botanicals.


Originally the weather forecasted a torrential downpour and thunderstorms, but luckily for us the weatherman was wrong, and we managed to soak up fifteen minutes of the sun-soaked streets before the town slipped into darkness!



Hair Stylist
Make-Up Artist



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