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Izzy / DYLAN


Absofuckinglutely obsessed with these two, if you've ever met a solid power couple, then times that by ten,  add two smoke shows with some bullshit amazing genetics and you have yourself Izzy and Dyl. Not only are they bloody flawless but they also have the most beautiful souls I've ever come across. They were down to jump fences and piggyback in the rain which is totally my kinda people.

Izzy was adorned in a gorgeous Through the White Door gown which had detachable sleeves - like c'mon that's so freaking cool, what's even cooler is she did her own make-up. Dylan is probably the most laidback human I've ever met and the highlight of the shoot was when I got them to take pictures of each other, with every click they had to say what they love about their human. It makes for some feels but a hell of a lot of laughs mostly.

Sidenote: The standout vendor was Jess Avery Hair Artistry she is always going above and beyond and I swear her hands are freaking magical with what they create. If she's available for your wedding get in touch ASAP! She also gives a cheeky fifteen percent off your bridal parties hair styling - what a ledge!

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